Victoria, Rev.  With Nonna's blessing, how can you lose, Alissa & John?! Mahalo, Darlings, keep that tree growing strong happy branches, there will be an incredible gene-pool swinging from them!! You have honored me and blessed the world with your love! Being Family Rocks XO  2/27/11, 4:59PM
Stephanie  Alissa, you look absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to you and John! We couldn't be happier for you! Love, Stephanie and Dane  2/19/11, 11:44PM
talia@sixpence  Loved being a part of it! You two make a beautiful couple and love each other so much. You deserved nothing other than an absolutely amazing wedding! I hope you both have a wonderful honeymoon.  2/16/11, 1:01PM
Sarah Hertzler  I am honored to have shared in the "best day of your life". You are my best friend and I just love you and John!!! What a beautiful day and beautiful couple! CONGRATS DIPOLLINA'S.  2/15/11, 3:02PM