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Diana and Mike's Wedding @ The Aqua Turf

September 30, 2010     WEDDINGS

Diana and Mike were married on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Hartford, Connecticut. The celebration was held at The Aqua Turf Club.
Click here to view a slideshow.
Below are a few of my favs. Enjoy!


Tami and PJ's Engagement Session @ Yale : New Haven

September 29, 2010     ENGAGEMENTS

Tami and PJ are getting married in October at The Waterview in Monroe, Connecticut. This past week we had a chance to get together and photograph their engagement session at Yale in New Haven.
Here are a few of my favorite images, enjoy!

Engagement Session FAQs

Here are a few items to keep in mind when scheduling your engagement session...
Day of the week : Monday - Thursday
Time of Day : We always work around sunset, as it's the best lighting
Approximate length of Session : One Hour
Location : 30 mile radius of Bristol, CT office
Weather Permitting : The best kind of weather we can ask for is the sun shining, however clouds can work too--adding drama to the pictures. If it is raining or questionable storm evolving, we recommend rescheduling.
What to Wear : The goal is to have you stand out, not your clothing. A good place to start your clothing selection is the blog. Things to keep in mind include : what would look best at your location, coordinating your outfit with your fiance, you can do a wardrobe change if you'd like, fun shoes are an added bonus
We advise you to clean your engagement ring, we'll be photographing it--so let it shine!
What not to Wear : Patterns tend to distract, we do advise staying away from them.

Reserving Your Wedding Date

Alissa Dinneen Photography knows how exciting the planning of a wedding process can be; it's a whirlwind and should be treasured. It is such an fun and exciting part in your life. When it comes to hand selecting your vendors, knowing that it is something you choose for your big day; reserve your date by formally committing to them (and them to you).
When asked if Alissa Dinneen Photography can hold a date, we would love to say yes but the answer is no. We will keep you in mind for up to two weeks after your initial meeting. However it is impossible for us to keep track as days, weeks, months go by and we don't hear a word (about asking to contract). Therefore, without a commitment from a client, it is our policy to not hold dates.
If you decide to book Alissa Dinneen Photography, you need to inform us that you would like a contract written up for your wedding date and a retainer payment to be made. Once both the contract and payment are both received, then you are formally in our books. This is the only way that both parties know that the date is formally yours.
Alissa Dinneen Photography has been booked a few months before a wedding and a couple years before a wedding, we've even had people call us to ask when we are available. It is very hard to anticipate when any particular date will be booked. A couple times every year there are situations where someone waited a little too long to inform us that they want to contract us and it is never a fun. Please don't let that happen to you.

Diana and Mike's Wedding Day

September 25, 2010     WEDDINGS

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