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Sneak Peek : Caren and Adam (A Night Picture)

August 29, 2010     WEDDINGS


Newborn Twins : Peter and Henry

August 29, 2010     PORTRAITS

Carolyn and Brad were married in April 2007. Three years later they are parents to beautiful twin boys, Peter and Henry. When Carolyn emailed me about photographing her twins as newborns, I couldn't have been any happier. I loved working with Carolyn and Brad (and family and friends) on their wedding day and it is a honor to capture such an amazing event in their lives. Carolyn was the ultimate wedding planner and now she is an amazing mother.
Walking into Carolyn and Brad's home on an early Saturday morning, two weeks after the boys were born, it was as calm as could be. Brad answered the door with a baby in hand. Upstairs in the nursery was baby number two with Carolyn's mom Judy. Judy always welcomes me with the most kind words. I've photographed both of her daughter's weddings, and now her grandkids.
Meet Peter, the younger twin (by a minute).

And here is Henry, the older by a minute twin.

And last but not least, the boys together.

Caren and Adam's Wedding Day

August 28, 2010     WEDDINGS

I am so excited to say that today, August 28, 2010, is Caren and Adam's wedding day. I met them more than a year ago, and I've had a chance to photograph them twice. The first time in the summer and a rainbow appeared. The second time was in the fall and Caren had told me about Lyman Orchards which is now one of my favorite places to photograph. I can't wait to see what's in store for us today; third time is a charm!
Here's the rainbow picture. Right before I captured this, I was working on close-ups of them. I went to bring the camera down and nearly fell over when I saw the rainbow--how could a rainbow appear in the background and the sun be on my subject?! Hello PERFECT.

I'm using this image in (and the one above it) in my blog header.

The next few frames are at Lyman, which is totally my new favorite fall spot in New England. As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "Hello Love!"

Kaitlyn and Chris's Wedding @ Lighthouse Point : New Haven, Connecticut

August 24, 2010     WEDDINGS

Kaitlyn and Chris had both attended and met at Yale University, that being said New Haven is a very special place in their lives--making it perfect for their wedding day. Kaitlyn and Chris were married on Friday, August 20th in New Haven at Center Church on-the-Green. The celebration followed at Lighthouse Point Park. Below are a few of my favorite images from the day. To view Kaitlyn and Chris's wedding day slideshow, Click here.


Sneak Peek : Newborn Twins

August 21, 2010     PORTRAITS

I literally JUST finished taking these pictures a hour and a half ago, got home, downloaded, I NEED TO SHARE. The session went so well and I want to write more about it, but I'm leaving in two minutes to celebrate Rosario's First Birthday!
Here are two images of Peter and Henry together, they are too precious for words. I couldn't be happier for Carolyn and Brad.

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