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Amanda and Matt's Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding : Stonington, CT

June 29, 2012     WEDDINGS

Amanda and Matt were married Friday, June 22, 2012 at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut. The weather forecast (as noted in their wedding day preview) was not looking so great; however the storms that hit all over Connecticut never hit the vineyard that evening. Pretty lucky if you ask me.
Below are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Given the doppler I had just looked at briefly I decided to go right into pictures of Amanda and Matt immediately following the ceremony. We moved from one spot to the next and the storm never came. At one point, I said--you want to get the wedding party out here. That's when the wind really picked up.

I had packed my umbrellas with me and was thrilled I had coordinating colors.


Mary and Dennis Dinneen : 45th Wedding Anniversary

June 24, 2012     PERSONAL

Today, June 24, 2012, is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. Five years ago I made a small slideshow on my old blog ; today I had to make a new slideshow (that people can see) and add a few pictures.
Alissa and John's Wedding Photos by Alternate Angles, including the beautiful portrait of my parents at the very end of the show. Note: Some of Alissa and John's wedding photos are not professional -- just snap shots by family.
If the slideshow is too big for your computer screen, please click on this link to open a smaller show.

CT Wedding Preview @ Saltwater Farm Vineyard : Amanda and Matt

June 23, 2012     WEDDINGS

Amanda and Matt were married yesterday, June 22, 2012, at the gorgeous Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut. When I woke up yesterday morning I checked the weather; the words violent thunderstorms was in bold letters. I packed my car up, included umbrellas, and hoped for the best. During the ceremony, approximately 5:15pm, DJ Butch Gray briefly showed me the doppler on his iPad -- red, yellow and green across all of Connecticut. After the ceremony we did a quick group shot of everyone at the wedding and went right into pictures of Amanda and Matt instead of family. My assistant for the day Robb Cyr grabbed the umbrellas out of my trunk and to my delight I had fuchsia to coordinate with the flowers. We worked through some big rain drops with Amanda and Matt, photographed in several locations, and we dodged the downpour. Next, not knowing if the rain was going to come or not, Amanda and Matt were game for wedding party pictures outside. The wind came, but the rain really didn't (not the multi-colored mess that the doppler was showing). The rain worked it's way around Amanda and Matt's big day. I am in awe and thankful. Here are a few previews from yesterday, enjoy!

Congratulations Amanda and Matt!

Amanda and Matt's Wedding Day

June 22, 2012     WEDDINGS

CT Engagement @ Elizabeth Park : Libby and Aaron

June 21, 2012     ENGAGEMENTS

Libby and Aaron are getting married this coming fall at The Society Room of Hartford. This past week I we got together at Elizabeth Park to photograph their engagement session amongst the roses. Below are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

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