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CT Engagement @ Wickham Park : Brittany and Rob

April 30, 2012     ENGAGEMENTS

Brittany and Rob are to be married in October at The Riverview in Simsbury, Connecticut. Almost two weeks ago we got together for their engagement session at Wickham Park. We closed the night with a few pictures where they volunteer firefight. I had a great time working with Brittany and Rob; can't wait for the wedding! Below are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

CT Engagement Preview : Brittany & Rob

April 20, 2012     ENGAGEMENTS

Spring 2012

April 14, 2012     PERSONAL

I can not take any credit for the actual plantings of the spring blossoms below; they came with the house. I do enjoy these spring blooms, and hope to add more soon!

Above and below are bleeding hearts. I love how nature can be just so perfect, the leaf below was hidden gem (so pretty).

We have several Rhododendrons in the yard, pictured below.

The plant below is one of my favorites, it reminds me of an orchid (which clearly we can't grow outside here in NE). I believe it to be a Helleborus foetidus.


CT Wedding @ The Riverview : Olimpia and Nicholas

April 11, 2012     WEDDINGS

Olimpia and Nicholas were married on Friday, March 30, 2012 at The Riverview in Simsbury, Connecticut. It was the perfect March day for a wedding. I spoke with Olimpia a few times before the wedding, and it was really fun to see everything come all together! Everything was beautiful; the weather, couple, families, hair (we share the same hair stylist), Olimpia's dress, shoes, flowers, favors--perfection!
Below are my favorite images from Nicholas and Olimpia's wedding day. Enjoy!

Wedding stationary : Papyrus

Image on the left is Olimpia's something borrowed, her mother's ring.

DJ Entertainment : Butch Gray

Congratulations to Olimpia and Nicholas!

Happy Easter

April 8, 2012     PERSONAL



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