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Alicia and Desi's UCONN Engagement Session

March 30, 2011     ENGAGEMENTS

Alicia and Desi are getting married this May at The Riverview. I recently had a chance to photograph their engagement session at UCONN, in Storrs, Connecticut. Not only did Alicia and Desi attend UCONN, Desi was the punter and captain of the football team. We had a great time walking around campus taking photos at various locations, and the icing on the cake was when Desi got us all into the Burton Family Football Complex.
Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Desi really liked this idea a lot, for the wedding I'm brining this very football so I can get more photos with it (and all of their rings).

I'm sure I don't have the exact story right (sorry!), but this image and quote are pretty special to Desi. When he was on the team he used this quote. It ended up all over the place that year, and is still in the locker room to date. Desi is modest and Alicia is proud of him, so thank you Alicia for sharing this with me, I'm so happy to capture this for you both.

You can't take engagement photos at UCONN and not have Gampel Pavilion in at least one picture.

Game Day Previews : Alicia and Desi

March 26, 2011     ENGAGEMENTS

Last night I had an amazing time photographing the sweetest couple, meet Alicia and Desi. They both went to UCONN so when the discussion of an engagement session location came up, picking UCONN Storrs was a no brainer. Desi was on the football team, and got us into the football complex for a few photos. We all had a blast, and I just had to share a few images before tonight's big (basketball) game. Enjoy!

Desi was the punter (I call it the kicker) on the team, I love this image with the field goal posts in the background framing the couple.

We're so doing this for their wedding, all bands on the football.


Wedding Previews


Lauryn and Emersyn : My Two Favorite Girls

March 16, 2011     PORTRAITS

Around the holidays I took some pictures of my best friend's daughters, Lauryn and Emersyn--hence the Christmas tree in the background. We needed to even the playing field for Miss Lauryn, now that she was six months in December, time for baby faces. If you want to check out my flower girl Eme at six months, click here.

Above is Emersyn at three and a half. She's the smartest little miss thing! Below is Eme's little sister Lauryn, what a doll!

I'm Back (from Hawaii)

March 11, 2011     PERSONAL

I haven't blogged in forever and I have eight thousand things running through my mind to blog about, but for now I am catching up on work post wedding and honeymoon. Both went fantastic, but I am very happy to dive right back into my work--and feel normal again!

This picture was taken on the balcony of our hotel room on The Big Island of Hawaii. We stayed at Hilton Waikoloa. More to come!!






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