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2011 Holidays at Home

December 29, 2011     PERSONAL

John and I hosted Christmas Eve this year, we had a little over twenty people over. In-between the chaos of prepping everything and guests arriving there was a calm few moments where I got to grab a couple of quick pictures.

I picked up flowers in Harwington at Earth Blossoms.

Left is the Nana tree, my Nana use to have this up in her house as opposed to any kind of holiday tree (she probably didn't like the mess). As a kid, I just LOVED this ceramic tree. To the right is the tree I picked out, and John cut down.

My good friend Cherry (and assistant) shared her secrets with me and showed me how to make her toffee! I made milk, dark, and white chocolate toffee.

Leftovers from the wedding, why not!


Kind Words : Arianna and Nicholas

December 7, 2011     NEWS

Every now and then I shamelessly google my business. I'm always curious to see what will pop up. Recently I found a review on yelp, read below:
After countless searching and many phone calls to friends about finding a good photographer I almost gave up. I can't remember how it all happened, but I know that I never met her and I booked her. Alissa sense of style in her photos is something you can't teach a photographer, its something that naturally comes out. I could not believe when I saw our photos how amazing everything came out. These are not your typical wedding photos. They have energy, and there is details in all the photos, that makes you want to stop and take a long stare at them. Alissa managed to nail everything, and was super quick about taking her photos. If I had to do it all over again, I would not even think twice about booking her. Take a look at her website. Her style speaks for itself. She truly has a gift and passion that is not found in many photographers.

Kind Words : Juli and Keith

December 7, 2011     NEWS

"Thank you SO MUCH for these gorgeous photographs. We absolutely love them- you managed to beautifully capture our crazy, insane, & absolutely perfect wedding day. Keith & I were just discussing how lucky we were to have a professional photographer willing to brave that storm, period, let alone someone so talented who helped us see beauty where we otherwise might have only seen disaster. I sincerely doubt we'll ever forget our wedding day, but I'm incredibly grateful to have your unbelievable images to share with our family & friends (who, I believe, will still be talking about that day for many years to come) and our future children as well!
I shared the link to your blog with all of my coworkers and received an overwhelming outpouring of love. I thought I would share one of the responses I received:
I just want to tell you that this is the most beautiful wedding and photography that I have EVER seen. Weddings make some people cry, they never have for me (until now). Congratulations. (You should enter these in a contest.)"






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