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Wedding Invitations by Sixpence for your Shoe

John and I are super excited to say that our wedding invitations are in the mail, we didn't want them to get mixed in with holiday mail so they sent on Christmas Eve day. It's official, we're getting married and celebrating it! Wahoooo!!!
I am thrilled our wedding invitations, all thanks to Talia of Sixpence for your Shoe. They're pretty and wintery without being obvious. I couldn't be happier with them--thank you Talia!
I believe that since the wedding invite is the first thing people see and touch regarding the wedding, they're important. They set a tone. We're excited in a big way, and we want you to be excited too!
Here are some quick snapshots of the invites, we had twenty people over on Christmas Eve so these are no fuss pictures.


Holiday Cards 2010

December 14, 2010     NEWS

This year I had the chance to design a few holiday cards for others, thought it would be fun to share a couple.
Parents of the bride, Kevin and Marianne, from August ordered holiday cards. I'm really pleased with the photo selection. They selected the family portrait, but I got to choose the reverse image.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect image for this card! Parents of the bride Kevin and Marianne during their daughter's ceremony. Love this!

Here's another family's holiday card, which also is announcing the birth of their second daughter Nora.


Makeup and Hair Trial & First Dress Fitting

This past Thursday I had my hair and makeup trial followed by my first dress fitting. I'm a bit nervous about being on the other side of the camera, not to mention the center of attention (with John of course), so feeling comfortable is a must. I scheduled the appointments in October, so I would be able to do all three in one day and boy am I happy I planned that out. My mind is at ease now, I know now what everything is going to look like -- pretty darn good!!
My mom, Mary Lou, came along for the ride and took a few pictures. I'd love to share the dress part with you but John reads the blog from time to time. He's already seen the dress, not on me but a picture saved on my iPhone along with a million pictures of Roxy.
Here's hair and makeup done by Naomi Martinez (Naomi Martinez for makeup and Angela for hair). Hair went first with Angela, and I am so impressed. The questions asked were things that I wouldn't think of like during the ceremony I'll be facing this way so what do you want that side of your hair to look like. I knew I wanted my hair loose and romantic and not too done/perfect, and it's exactly what I got! The hair piece is Maria Elena from The White Dress by the Shore...not that you can see it all so well in this photo, but it's pretty and sparkly and I love it.

I met Naomi in 2004 when I was working a wedding with my mother and it was the same year I was in photo school, Hallmark Institute of Photography. I was so impressed by her work, work ethic, and her professionalism. Six years later, she's even more amazing! I had so much fun sitting in Naomi's chair. She's the sweetest, most down to earth person, and we laughed throughout the trial. I'm always telling brides, especially ones that are out of state and don't know what to do about hair and makeup, just book Naomi (if her team is available)! You won't regret it!


Henry and Peter : Three Months

December 8, 2010     PORTRAITS

Henry and Peter are back on the blog again. This time they're three months old and both as cute as a button!
The beautiful family.

Here are the boys, identical twins Henry and Peter.

Little men! I love their shirts, so cute!

Here's Henry

And Peter

Here's a look back three months.

The Twins are Back : Three Month Preview

December 6, 2010     PORTRAITS

I just downloaded and imported Saturday's session via my new laptop. I had to share two pictures of my the cutest twin baby boys ever, Peter and Henry.
Keep and eye on the blog for more to come of the boys.

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