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Eme and Lauryn : Holiday Cards

November 30, 2011     PORTRAITS

I recently had the chance to photograph my best friend's beautiful daughters for their holiday card. Eme, my Godchild, is now four and a half years old and Lauryn is one and a half. Here is the card that I designed for the family. Enjoy!

This card was designed as a 5x7, flat card, printed on pearl paper.

Family Portrait

November 28, 2011     PORTRAITS

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a family (that I know) in my neighborhood. It was a perfect day for the session, and we even got help from a couple neighborhood kids (they helped hold up a reflector for us). Here are a few pictures of Ryan, Caitlin and Dillon. Enjoy!

Courtney and Mike's Yale New Haven Engagement Session

November 28, 2011     ENGAGEMENTS

Courtney and Mike are getting married in July 2012 at Guilford Yacht Club. This past month I had a chance to photograph their engagement session at Yale. Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Juli & Keith's Wedding : Winter (Fall) Storm Alfred

November 21, 2011     WEDDINGS

Juli and Keith were married in Carmel, New York on Saturday, October 29, 2011. It was the day that Winter Storm Alfred hit the Northeast (or shall I say Fall Storm Alfred?). This very unusual and beautiful day was one that I will never forget.
The morning of the wedding I checked to see what the closest hotels were to Villa Barone in Mahopac, New York and to see if they had availability before we left (they did). I didn't book anything because I honestly didn't believe the forecast for the day. I also texted my assistant Cherry to see if she packed any overnight items, she did--so I figure I would too. As I opened the door to greet Cherry, I noticed the quality--it really was going to snow. How much at this point, I had no idea. We left extra early to make sure we made it on time to New York; we made it on time and before the snow started.

The moment we walked into Juli and Keith's new home, noon, was the second it started to snow. You can see the snow in the picture window and on Keith's wedding band above.

The snow started to fall in big flakes, it was intense from the moment the snow started to fall. I guess it's a myth that the big snowflakes don't last long.

Juli and Keith decided (before the wedding day) that they were going to see each other before the ceremony. They picked out a beautiful location on Lake Carmel. Right before we left to go to the lake, I thought to myself that maybe we should skip this. However, I went along with whatever Juli and Keith were comfortable with doing. Thankfully I packed my boots in my overnight bag and told Juli that she shouldn't wear her open toed shoes (to wear boots). We all made it to the lake front safely. Below, Juli's friend helps her walk over to Keith for their first look.

As Juli got closer, I asked her to go it alone. I just love these images. This is what it looked like at the very moment, this beautiful backdrop of a lake was completely white. At this point I'd say there was about six inches of snow on the ground (around 1:30).

Can you believe these images were taken on October 29th--I still can not. I remember saying at this point (several times) beautiful it was out, but also thinking this isn't what was planned (winter wonderland in October).

Cherry and I had an interesting ride from the first look location to the church (St. James the Apostle), but were happy to make it ten minutes before the three in the afternoon start time. When we walked in there was only two other guests inside the church, of course I confirm with them that we're all in the right spot (we were).

A hour later the guests arrive on one of the rented school buses, this was when the ceremony was suppose to be over. At this point I called three different hotels to book a room (in Danbury, Connecticut about twenty minute ride from the reception site).

Almost another hour passes and the school bus with the wedding party (bride and groom) arrive. The limo company did not show due to the storm. Thank goodness for the two buses that transported all of the wedding guests from the hotels and the wedding party to the church. They really saved the day!

The ceremony was combined with the 5:15pm mass.

Mother of the bride (and the rest of the family) were thrilled that everyone arrived safely.

Love this picture that Cherry got!!

Juli and Keith's wedding was the last of our 2011 wedding season; what a way to close an amazing year!
Congratulations to Juli and Keith!

Amanda and Jon's CT Engagement Session @ Wickham Park

November 14, 2011     ENGAGEMENTS

Amanda and Jon are to be married in July 2012 at Crabtree's Kittle House in New York. A few weeks ago I had a chance to photograph their engagement session at Wickham Park in Manchester, where Jon's parents had their wedding photographs taken.
Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Enjoy!

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