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Kara Ann Artwork : Hand-Painted Aisle Runner

For our wedding, John and I had one of my childhood friends paint a aisle runner for us, by Kara Ann Artwork. A pretty aisle runner can make an impact in the ceremony space and I think ours did just that. I love how in the photos the runner draws your eye in and right up to the "alter." Thank you Kara for your creativity and talent, which added a beautiful and personal touch to our wedding day.

Alissa and John's Wedding Highlight Film by vantage point films

I was on the fence when it came to wedding video; my factors included how many people do I need capturing a wedding with less than 100 guests and is it really necessary. I think many couples find themselves in the same predicament, maybe they have different reasons that they are holding back. Read on and find out what I now know.
If we did video, I knew the man for the job, Thomas Morlock of vantage point films would capture the day. I only worked with Tom one time in 2008 (sad); that one day he left such a huge impression on me. There was a moment in the ceremony where I vividly remember him turning around to make sure that he wasn't in my camera frame, he was not even close. It reminded me of the working relationship and bond that I had with my mother when we photographed weddings together; we worked as a team and spoke without saying a word. Tom's a team player. I later realized how talented he is; I simply love his creativity and would someday like the opportunity to work together with him again.
As Oprah says, this is what I know for sure...1. On our wedding day, no one even realized that we had videographers there; guests are there to have a good time with friends and family, anything else is a blip on the radar. 2. People love to say that the day goes by so fast, which could also be translated into you're not going to remember much of anything.
I'm so happy I said yes to the video (and to my husband John!); now we both can remember. John said after first watching our highlights, "This isn't even a wedding video, it is a film. It's a movie!" We are so lucky to have these moments to watch by a push of a button. Thank you Tom!
New addition to the video blog entry: My mom recently wrote Tom a thank you note for doing such an amazing job on the wedding video. I had to share. The written word is her best form of expression; tears of happiness may show you how she feels, but to really understand her is to read her writing.
Dear Thomas, In the hotel room the morning of Alissa's wedding I wondered why you were taking pictures. SURPRISE NUMBER weren't. You WERE film-ing.
From 5th grade when Alissa carried my bags till she was 24 and the main photographer for Photography by Mary & Alissa Dinneen, we planned her wedding day. The dreams were perfect. SURPRISE NUMBER TWO...reality isn't. You WERE film-ing.
The final months before The Day brought relentless winter storms and challenges. February 12, 2011 was clear. John and Alissa's wedding was a blur, a silent movie in my mind. I watched as the slides flickered. SURPRISE NUMBER THREE...The camera of my mind was out of focus. You WERE film-ing.
My only memory of you is in that hotel room. I saw another man at the reception. He must have been with you. Time passed. Life marched on. I forgot you were ever at the wedding and your name. SURPRISE NUMBER FOUR...the morning of June 9, 2011 Alissa sent me your Video Highlight of their wedding. You WERE film-ing.
Like the force of the violent storm and rain that struck last night, emotions pelted through me as I watched the dreams that were a blur unfold. I am so overwhelmed by the force of what you created in that highlight. SURPRISE NUMBER SIX...Thomas Morlock captured the heart and soul of the wedding and the future's promise for our families. You WERE film-ing.
I am lost for words to express the magnitude of the effect the video has had on me. I spent twenty five years doing wedding photography for others, treating each one like my own. It is so different being on the other side of the lens and Alissa being the bride. SURPRISE NUMBER SEVEN... LUCKY SEVEN. You WERE film-ing.
With deep gratitude and respect I thank you, Thomas, for the visual of JOY that unfolded dreams and plans of a lifetime for Alissa's wedding day. "Images the Heart Remembers" (my logo) to cherish the rest of our lives. Appreciate-ing, Mary Dinneen Mother of the Bride

My Wedding Gown from The White Dress by the Shore

I LOVE my wedding gown, it was so perfect for me and I'm so lucky and happy that I found it (or should I say it found me). I am not a fancy girl and I never really dreamed of what my wedding gown would look like--crazy right?! I was very nervous even thinking about trying on dresses, and knew I needed professional help in the dress department. This is why I decided to go to The White Dress by the Shore. I heard many rave reviews from several of my own brides and met the owner Beth at various wedding vendor parties. I knew I was going to be in good hands, my assumption was 150% correct.
At my first (and only) appointment to try on gowns I got to meet and work with Flo, LOVE FLO! What a gem! I tried on several gowns and at one point I had a beautiful gown that looked lousy on me, but said "love the ruffles." Flo stepped out of the room and came back a few minutes later with my ruffled gown. I tried it on, and knew that was this Judd Waddell gown was the one for me--along with the "sparkle belt" that I fell in love with when I tried on a previous dress minutes earlier. I also selected the veil at this point and decided that I needed to rent a fur.
Flo and Beth took care of me from the moment I stepped in the store. When my dress came in we picked out jewelry, it was awesome to be able to try it all on with my actual dress. The fittings went really well, and in the end it truly was my perfect dress.

Flo took the above right picture so my Mother could be in the photo.

Above right is the final appointment, the pick-up.

Eme's Us Angels flower girl dress and Sarah's Jenny Yoo dresses are also from White Dress.

My Mom's Modern Trousseau dress was also from White Dress, as well as her beautiful earrings and pin.

Wedding Previews


My Wedding to John : Best Day of My Life

After a wonderful wedding weekend filled with love, laughter, and tears of joy, my husband John and I are on cloud nine. We are thrilled to have had such a wonderful celebration honoring us, giving us a lifetime of memories. The building was filled with the people we love, and I was so happy to see all of our planning come to life.
Our photographer Laura and her husband Ricardo did the most amazing job and we are eternally grateful for them giving us their all (and then some) on our big day. Selecting the right photographer is so important, at 7am on Sunday all I could think about was who had pictures?! I need to mention that our videographer Tom did a wonderful job blending in with everyone and we are super happy to know that he got everything captured on video for us--I feel like watching the video will be like seeing the wedding for the first time, it just went by so quick. John and I had our pictures taken before the ceremony, I can't even tell you how happy we both are that we did this. It was really wonderful to spend the time taking the photographs that we wanted and enjoying each other's company before the festivities kicked off. I KNEW I wanted to celebrate with our guests as much as possible and also having the ceremony right before the sunset, it was important to me to have natural daylight photographs of John and me.
Words can not express how grateful John and I are for having Victoria perform our ceremony. We waited until last minute (a week before the wedding) to meet with her, this was due to all of the snow that we had we kept on having to push off our meeting dates. She honored our relationship as if she had known it from the start, made both of us feel at ease standing in front of our family and friends, and moved us (and many people in the crowd) to tears many times throughout the ceremony. In the beginning of the ceremony Victoria honored our parents and John's Nonna combined years of marriage. When Nonna heard her name she stood right up and walked up to us with the biggest smile on her face, proud as a peacock, this could not have been planned (also keep in mind Nonna speaks very little English, primary language is Italian). It was so cute, Nonna had everyone laughing and Victoria rolled with it. When it came time for the vows, I looked outside to see snow falling, I could not believe my eyes! Clearly my mind went right to, if it is still snowing after the ceremony we are SOOOOO going outside to take a few pictures (it was and we did). Picture below by Aunt Kathy.

Another photo opportunity that was important to me was getting a night picture, blue sky was out that night! Laura and Ricardo grabbed us at the perfect moment, and we walked out into the snow--I can not wait to see those pictures. Laura was kneeling in the snow; I really wish John didn't make me give my point and shoot to my mom before cocktails because someone should have taken a picture of her. Before everyone walked into the reception room, John and I got a chance to see everything set up and again take a couple pictures in the room, which leads me to my next thought...
One of the things that stand out in my mind on the wedding night was walking into reception room in awe--Talia you're vision came to life and it's everything I ever wanted in a wedding reception. The room looked gorgeous, better than I could ever imagine. The flowers, chairs, linens, lighting, cake, stationary, lanterns, tablescapes with the chargers, napkin rings my mom and I made, favors, napkins---it all looked perfect together!! I am visual perfectionist, and my florist Jessica said it best in one of our meetings, "You've just seen too much." I'm over saturated with weddings, so true. I can honestly say that I am so impressed and soooooo pleased with what our vendors did for us--amazing jobs all around.
Everyone we spoke to couldn't stop talking about how wonderful everything was, whether it be the ceremony, food, flowers, my dress and bling bling bracelet, people were buzzing!! John and I had signature martinis, I'm just gonna lay it out there...mine won hands down!! I selected my favorite martini that I've had three years in a row at the martini bar on the Princess Cruise Lines....the Stardust Martini--vodka, muddled red grapes, champagne, sugar rim, and red grapes to garnish. The Dipollina limoncello was also a huge success, made by John and myself a few weeks before the wedding.
Thank you to all of our vendors, you are the amongst the best at what you do and everyone at our wedding knows it!! Coordinator / Stationary : Talia from Sixpence for your shoe Photographer : Laura and Ricardo - Alternate Angles Florist : Jessica's Country Flowers Caterer : Emily's Catering Group Cake : Something Sweet by Michelle Videographer : Tom Morlock - Vantage Point Films DJ : Butch Gray DJ Ceremony Musicians : Wild Wood Groups JP : Rev. Victoria Burdick Lighting : Shindig Lighting, LLC Hair and Make-up: Naomi and Angela for Naomi Martinez Salon and Spa Wedding Site : Connecticut's Old State House Wedding Gown and accessories, MOB Gown, Girl's Dresses : The White Dress by the Shore Alissa's Gown : Judd Waddell MOB's Gown : Modern Trousseau Bridesmaids : Jenny Yoo Flower Girl : Us Angels Bridal Jewelry (earrings and bracelet): Haute Bride Hair Sparkly : Maria Elena Headpieces Sparkle Belt : Augusta Jones Alissa and MOB's Shoes (via Nordstrom) : Vera Wang Lavendar John's Suit : Joseph A Bank John's Roxy Dog Cufflinks -- found by looking through Jerome Braga's facebook photos : Thomas Pink Groomsmen Ties / Dads' Ties (Macys) : Donald Trump Neckwear Engagement and Wedding Rings : Monarch Jewelers - Canton, see Jesse Hand-painted Aisle Runner - Kara Ann Arkwork I hope I didn't forget to mention any vendor, however if I did and you notice, please email me so I can

above pictures by my mother, with her point and shoot

above pictures by my mother, with her point and shoot

above pictures by my mother, with her point and shoot

above by my Aunt Kathy

photo by Jessica's Country Flowers

Left by Talia of Sixpence, Right by Aunt Kathy

above by Talia of Sixpence

above by Jessica's Country Flowers

above by Aunt Kathy
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

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